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Tablature to Intros & solos plus some major fills throughout each song. We will keep a new top 40 song a month.  To listen to sound file click , to see tablature click .

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Rain Is A Good Thing Video PDF GP5

Hillbilly Bone Video PDF GP5

8 Second Ride Video PDF GP5

Gettin' You Home Video PDF GP5

Big Green Tractor Video PDF GP5

People Are Crazy  Video PDF

Then  Video PDF

Alcohol  Video PDF

Chicken Fried  Video PDF

Start A Band  Video PDF

Country Man Video PDF

You Look Good In My Shirt Video PDF

Good Time Intro Solo  

Shift Work Intro Solo  

How Long Intro Solo Outro

Small Town Southern Man Intro

Get My Drink On Intro

The More I Drink Intro Solo

Online Intro

Free And Easy Intro Solo Fill 1 Fill 2  Tip Sheet

Ladies Love Country Boys Intro Solo

All My Friends Say  Intro 1 Intro 2 Intro 3 Solo


 Intro Fill 1 Fill 2 Fill 3  Fill 4 Fill 5 Fill 6     Solo  Outro   Tip Sheet

A Different World

       Intro  Fill 1 Turn Around  Fill 2  Fill 3 Fill 4              Fill 5   Fill 6  Fill 7   Tip Sheet

Classic Top 40

Ramblin Man Video PDF GP5

Anymore  Video PDF

Tiger By The Tail  Video PDF (practice with jam track shuffle in E)

Watermelon Crawl Intro  

Chattahoochee Intro

Working Man Blues Solo

Next Broken Heart Intro  Solo






           Top 40 Intros & Solos