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Just grab your guitar, have a seat and learn some of country music's hotest songs!

Ever sit at home, watching a video and hope to catch a glimpse of the guitarist's hands while he/she is playing that catchy lick or even a really scorching guitar solo? Have you sat with your MP3 player or CD trying to learn that catchy lick over and over and just cannot seem to get it right? Then you came to the right place. Our instructor will show you how to play these songs on video as well as supply you with his personal tabs that will take you step by step and make you sound like a pro!



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  • Ballad in G
  • Boardwalk
  • But I Can't
  • Chuggin' Alone
  • Crossover Country
  • Classic Vibe

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William Brewer Instructor William Dale Brewer

Hi, my name is William Dale Brewer and I want to welcome you to my website I have Lessons that will teach you some great country guitar licks which include lesson tablature, videos, rhythm/jam tracks, and much more. Our lesson tabs are viewable everytime you log in to your account.

I have been playing guitar for many years now and currently play with the County Band Hot Wired in Indiana. I have always wanted to help teach others what I have learned over the years. Be sure to check out my original CDs: Instrumental of Guitar and Live My Dreams. Click on the Store tab for more great products!


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