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William Dale Brewer

William Dale Brewer

Welcome to Country Guitar. We have licks, tablature, Videos, rhythm tracks and much more. Most of our tabs are viewable in a PDF file. Buy my new CD Instrumental of Guitar, if you like country guitar you will love it. Preview it below!

Intrumental Of Guitar Available Now!

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1) Juke It Up 3:43
2) Losing You Losing Me 4:16
3) Flat Box Rag 3:16
4) Breezy 3:19
5) Funk & Roll 3:23
6) Alisha's Waltz 4:04
7) Big String Shuffle 3:23
8) Where Did I Go Wrong 4:42
9) Jazzin' Country 2:45
10) Chop Walk 3:12

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   Rain Is A Good Thing intro at  Top 40 Intros & Solos! 

This lick is based around the C Major Pentatonic Scale. I tend to think of my licks around chords and I'm not a fluent scale player. I have been learning some scales and this lick sounds neat to my ears!

Weekly Lick 11 Rhythm Chop PDF

Weekly Lick 12 Up Neck Double Stop PDF

Weekly Lick 13 Double Stops PDF

Weekly Lick 14 Double Stops PDF

Weekly Lick 15 Boogie Lick PDF

Weekly Lick 16 Lick In D PDF

Weekly Lick 17 Behind Nut Bends PDF

Weekly Lick 18 Classic Style PDF

Weekly Lick 19 Classic Style II PDF

Weekly Lick 20 Double Stops PDF

Weekly Lick 21 Ending in G PDF

Weekly Lick 22 C Pentatonic PDF

Weekly Lick 24 C Pentatonic PDF

If you like our licks buy 50 Intros & Endings at our store! It is simply 50 more great licks!

We will be adding Guitar Pro 5 format to some of our videos. If you have Guitar Pro 5 you can download the file by clicking GP5. If you are not familiar with GP5 it is tablature & notation software.

Jam Tracks

Welcome to Jam Tracks! This is where you can test your licks with rhythm tracks. We will be adding tracks frequently so play, enjoy and come back. Click on the track name to play mp3.

  1. Buckaroo D

  2. Shuffle in E

  3. Ripping A

  4. Wild Wood (C)

  5. Boogie (G)

  6. Boom Chop  (A)

  7. Country Shuffle  (E)

  8. Working  Jam (A)

  9. Pop Top (G)

  10. Skaggs (D)

  11. Bluegrass Jam (A)

  12. E Shuffle (E)

  13. Modern Country (D)

  14. Slow Classic Country (G)

Country Guitar Chord 101


              D Video!    D dim Video!     

Eadd9 Am6add9 Asus2 Video!

10 Great CDs for Country Guitar!

  • Here are 10 great albums in no particular order!

  • 1) Alan Jacksons A Lot About Livin' - (Brent Mason)

  • 2) Brent Mason - Hot Wired

  • 3) Brad Paisley - All his albums

  • 4) Chet Atkins, Mark Knopfler - Neck & Neck

  • 5) Emmylou Harris - Blue Kentucky Girl (Albert Lee)

  • 6) Dwight Yoakum - Guitars & Cadillac's (Pete Anderson)

  • 7) Albert Lee - In Full Flight: Live At Montreux

  • 8) Redd Volkaert - TeleWacker

  • 9) Johnny Hiland - Johnny Hiland

  • 10) Hellecasters - The Return of the Hellecasters (John Jorgenson, Will Ray & Jerry Donahue)



 Livin' On Love  Video PDF GP5

Buckaroo (Tabs PDF)

Tiger By The Tail  Video PDF

Ramblin Man Video PDF GP5

Anymore  Video PDF

Ballad Of Jed Clampett   (View Tab)

 Open String Lick in A (View Tab)

Feature Licks

FL1 Double Stops  (View Tab)

FL2 More Double Stops  (View Tab)

FL3 Chicken Pick'n in D  (View Tab)

FL4 Nervous Breakdown Intro  (View Tab)

FL5 Open String in D  (View Tab)

FL6 Open/Double Stops  (View Tab)

FL7 Solo in G  (View Tab)

FL8 Ending in C  (View Tab)

FL9 Transition G to C (View Tab)

FL10 Mason Style (View Tab)

FL 11 Open String in E  (View Tab)

FL12 Lick in D  (View Tab)

FL13 Blues Rhythm Pattern  (View Tab)

FL14 Chicken Pick'n in C  (View Tab)

FL15 Shuffle/Swing  (View Tab)

FL16 Hammer On (View Tab)

 FL17 Intro in C (View Tab)

Em Add9

Beginner Videos

G Major Scale (View Tab)

Playing the G chord Right!

 Introduction to B-bending Guitars

Pull Off Lick in A (ViewTab) GP5

BL1 in D (View Tab) GP5

B-Bender Videos

Mason Style Lick in E (View Tab) GP5

Keeley Compressor

I highly recommend this pedal. I have tried and own numerous compressor pedals, in my opinion this one is the best. I have a lot of questions about getting great tone, a compressor pedal is a must. Retailing at $200, they are a bit pricey but well worth the money!

The Keeley Compressor is the standard for guitar compression. It won the Editor's Pick Award from Guitar Player Magazine and, most recently, the Reader's Choice Award for Stomp Box. It features an internal attack control to make it suitable for high-output active basses. It also features an input sensitivity control which allows it to be used in the studio for keyboards, drum machines, for mastering, and other line level uses. Features metal film resistors and capacitors, true bypass, and matched transistors matched for gain within 1%.


Intonation is the ability to keep tune or keep same pitch for the entire length of the fret board. Having good intonation is essential part of playing guitar. You can have a guitar in perfect tune when the string are played open but when when fretted they are out or not in sync with the other strings.

    The slightest change can cause bad intonation. If you switch string gauges or temperature changes can cause you guitar's neck to shift or change.  Also if you adjust the truss rod you may need to change intonation. I have found after I make a truss rod adjustment it is usually the next day before the neck settles then I make intonation settings.

    Guitars with individual saddles can be adjusted fairly easy. Your saddles  have screws that hold them to the bridge. Tightening or loosening the saddle is how you adjust the intonation of a guitar. This makes the string longer or shorter thus changing intonation. If you look at your saddles they will probably  be in different positions, not in a line. A string that has the same pitch played open as fretted on the twelfth fret has good intonation. All strings should have the same pitch played open and fretted on twelfth fret.

Adjusting Intonation or Intonating a Guitar

    There are a couple things you will need to set your intonation. A screwdriver and good tuner. I recommend a strobe tuner as you will need precise tuning. Also use a chord to connect to your tuner for more accurate reading.

    Tune your string played open to pitch. Fret and play the twelfth fret. It should be the same pitch, if it is not here is what you do. If the twelfth fret is sharp move the saddle away from the fingerboard or making the string longer. If the twelfth fret is flat move the saddle closer to the fingerboard or make the string shorter. Remember to keep your hands off the neck after striking the note when tuning. The slightest weight on the neck can change the pitch. Do this for all strings and your guitar's intonation will be complete.

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